Taj Mahal Cenote

The Cenotes throughout the Mayan Riviera are infamous for many reasons, though divers often have a very specific mindset when approaching these sinkholes in the limestone. Prevelant throughout Mayan culture, these underwater rivers provided the base of all the drinking water and agriculture that allowed the Mayans to become one of the most advanced civilizations of their time. The Mayans were also spiritually tied to the cenotes, they believed in many gods tied to the elements. The Mayan rain godRead more


My short trip to Cozumel was an interesting one. Some of the best visibility I have ever experienced in open water with a good diversity of fish and invertebrate life. While it lacked some of the bigger, more charismatic species one would hope for on a dive here, we did briefly get visited by a great barracuda and green turtle, though they were too far away to snap a photo of. There seems to be strong potential for shooting macroRead more